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April 27, 2011

Episode #3 I don’t exist in the real world

April 27, 2011

Episode #2 Tomorrow belongs to the dissatisfied

Photography by Sarah Burton and her delinquent snoot.

April 27, 2011   1 note

Episode #1

Party aftermath ala Fiona Apple’s Criminal vid, hence the reference. Thanks to the amazing Frith, Sarah, Rowan, Nicola, Jacque, Dan, and Sven x 

January 24, 2011

Projector, I love you.

I do.

January 19, 2011

A post for those who surprise me by actually looking at this blog

Helloooooo george! And sharelle!

Here’s a giz of a day in the life of me. I have loads of pics like these and despite the fact that I don’t like my camera (although it has served me well in my endless hours of need) I figured they’re useless sitting in folders on my desktop. I’ve been doing alot of photoshopping lately and I’ve picked up some new skills from the lovely people I know who offer them up. I’m far from being a whizz but I now know how to overcome problems I previously encountered. Yeow. And now I’m thinking that I want racing stripe sleeves. Double yeow.  

And that’s all you’ll ever see of me. Some hair and my beloved casio. 

January 11, 2011



From www.fashiongonerogue.com

January 6, 2011

BTS/before the breakup

Behind the scenes.

So much has happened - where do I even begin? I’m sorry for neglecting you blog. Actually I take that back ‘cos I’m not really sorry. I replaced you with being consumed by designing, making, musing, and writing. And with bringing visions to life. So I’m not sorry at all.

Here’s a glimpse of my outcome… moody huh. I rather like these conversations with myself - now that I just don’t care. They’re liberating and they amuse me. Hello to any new visitors. Thank you for visiting :)

I want to keep making now - I feel like I’m only really just beginning. Making opens up so many more design possibilities and I want to keep pushing. What was that saying Amy? design is abandoned? Well I don’t have to jump ship yet - I can do what I want. So I will. voila I’ve found myself. I’ve only realised by going back through this blog that I barely reveal my work at all so I’m obscure even when I try not to be. So why fight it? I like mystery - I like what it can build.  

Thank you blog for helping me but we may have to breakup…. It’s not you - it’s me. Friends? 

November 29, 2010

colouring in

At their satanic majesties request she pondered how to psychedel-ify her life…. and so she did.

November 18, 2010

where do all the aussie babes come from?

They seem to grow them like we grow sheep. Note there aren’t actually that many sheep here - that joke is tired and lame, and now you can guess where in the world I am…. 

I’m being utterly commercial here, and I can’t tell if I’m being momentarily deluded (I am quite tired, and potentially going a little crazy) but I really want to wear those pants. With baggy tops. Hmmm. 

This shoot was a little cliche, however, I’m forgiving ‘cos I love Bambi and Zanita, and it’s purpose is to sell.


November 8, 2010

babies, babies, babies

I haven’t done anything this fun in ages. Coffee stains and all. 

Sorry, what? …I need to get out more?

Tell me about it.

And now I’m having conversations with myself on a dying blog that barely exists.

Converse with me if you feel like it should be saved. I double dare you.